Welcome to World Business Partner, my name is Igarashi.

I come from Inner Mongolia, from the nomad area of Xilin Gol, and this is my story.

I went to a High School built with the support and help from Japan. I grew up with Japanese materials donated by the kind Japanese people. Since then, in my child’s mind was nurtured a sense of duty, a desire of giving back to Japan as a gratitude and respect symbol. I came to Japan when I was 19 to fulfill my dreams. To work hard and show that the Japanese support was for good.

When I came here I was naive, unaware of culture and language. With barely no money, I felt lost and I felt fear. I admit that many nights I cried in my bed. It was a hard time for me. Japan, a country respected internationally, will not accept just a good behaving foreigner like me. Japan expect you to fit in. There was a choice to make, give up and forget my dreams, or keep fighting nevertheless of the odds.

Despite the sorrow and the fear, I decided to keep fighting and I entered the University. I was in control of my life again, and I did my best. The results started coming up. After the University I worked at a mayor human resources company, from where I gained an immense experience on how foreigners are hired in various recruitment sites. Taking advantage of this experience, and recalling my goals to be of profit for Japan, I decided to help foreigners in Japan to find their jobs, and for that I established this recruitment agency specialized in foreigner job seekers.

The reason I started this company, World Business Partner, is that I want to help others to avoid be in the same circumstances I was when I came to Japan. I want to offer the chance of a good life for those who come seeking a future. Also, I want to help the Japanese people who have helped me with their support and friendship, by providing the best applicants for their job positions, to help them grow their business and their wealth.

Our motto is “Think About Something Useful for People”.

When you are in an active search of job, think on us. Maybe you can’t do everything, but you can do something.

If you are looking for workers, think on us. We will do the search and selection job and introduce you the best candidates.

Think of something useful for the people, and we will support you to reach your goals.

Envision the day you fulfill your dreams.

I will do my best to help you to reach that moment.

Thank you.


Igarashi Hajime.

President, Founder and CEO of World Business Partner Co.Ltd. Japan.